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Santiago Cornejo (Corne) was born on the 14th of June of 1976, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since young he studied illustration, cartooning and comic strips. He also studied graphic design in the University.

-His first publications were a daily comic strip for more than 30 newspapers from Argentina for 4 years.

-Started the new century publishing his cartoons in prestigious humor magazines like Cracked (USA), doing the comic strip of the back-cover and Nebelspater (Switzerland), the oldest humor magazine of the world (132 years old) where he is still collaborating. He also started to work with many others newspapers and magazines of USA and UK.

-Since 2001 he published in MAD magazine (Germany) every month his full-page cartoons without words. And since 2008 he also started to collaborate with MAD kids (USA).

-Also is publishing his weekly full-page cartoons in different newspaper and magazines from different countries (USA, Austria, China, Australia, Italy, UK, Argentina, etc).

-He also does one daily Gag cartoon, and weekly comic strip abput Business, Sports an Politics for different magazines.

-A collection of Greeting Cards with Corne cartoons is sold in USA and UK. And also T-shirts, games, mugs, mouse pads and other merchandising products.

Published 2 books with recompilations of his cartoons and he also illustrated more than 20 Children's Books (McGraw-Hill and other editorials).

-His cartoons has been in covers for different magazines and newspapers and in publicity he has been used by companies like Burger King, HSBC, Boehringer Ingleheim, etc.

-He has recently won the "Gran Premio Internazionale Scacchiera" 1st. Prize for Comic Strip, in the prestigious festival Umoristi a Marostica (Italy).

He has also won other 23 prizes in International Cartoon Contest:

   1st Prize twice: Salon Universitario of Humor from Piracicaba (Brazil, 1999-2000 and in 1998 the 2nd prize).

   3rd Prize: Biennial San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba 2001).

   3rd Prize: Biennial International of the Caricature, Vericelli (Itally 2000).

   Other prizes in Slovenia, Italy, Korea, Czech Republic, Argentina (4th, 5th prizes, special prizes, Special Mentions, etc).

-His cartoons have been also exhibited in hundreds of festivals around the world (Knokke-Heist, Universidad de Alcalá, etc).

He also works as Creative Director of ENROC illustration".